What Options Do I Have for Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is an integral part of any Internet marketer’s online strategy. If you aren’t giving away something for free, then you aren’t leveraging the power of the people the way you should be.

Remember the days when people gasped if something was duplicated on the ‘net? It was stolen – and obviously an unfortunate situation. Well today people aren’t just creating free content – they’re begging people to give it away to others.

Why? Viral marketing helps marketers brand their name on the ‘net. Inside each piece is the opportunity to have hyperlinks driving people back to your own domain or that of your affiliate products.

But it’s more than that. Creating viral freebies for the sake of branding means you have to produce superior works of writing that make the reader stop and think, “I can’t believe he just gave that away for free!”

Viral marketing is usually conducted to increase the number of leads, or opt-ins, you get on your site. So you want to have a system in place where, once the visitor signs up to your list and opts in, they’re redirected to a download page where they can instantly get their hands on the free report.

Viral freebies don’t have to be extensive, 100-page products, either. You can write a well-thought-out, insightful report at five pages and see great results. Likewise, if you put out 100 pages of fluff and filler, don’t expect people to stay on your list because they’ll view your products as worthless.

When you create a viral product, make sure you take time to secure the item. if it’s in PDF format, you don’t mind if people pass it along – in fact you want to encourage them to – but you don’t want anyone to be able to go in and change your hyperlinks to theirs.

The goal is to spread the freebie to as many people as possible, so at the end of your item, make sure you state it clearly that the product can be given away to others as long as it remains unchanged. Even if they’re using it to capture names for their list, the reader will ultimately see your hyperlinks within the document.

Aside from viral product creation for opt ins, you can also use viral articles to drive traffic to your domain. Submit your content to article directories such as EzineArticles.com or GoArticles.com and allow publishers to use it as their content for free – in exchange for them keeping the bio box or hyperlinks intact.

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