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Six Secrets to Killer Ad Copy

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

If you have been around Internet marketing for any length of time you will know that your site’s ad copy is critically important to your success. The copy you use can literally make or break your business. Ad (or sales) copy acts as your 24-hour-a-day salesman. Obviously, you want to have the best salesman possible. This article is going to reveal six great tactics to make your copy as strong and alluring as possible.

Ad copy that fails to include testimonials will be lacking even if it’s well written. Testimonials have a magical power to inspire confidence in people. They give a third party, objective view of your products or services. Most people do not fully trust what the person who sells the product has to say about it. They know that it’s in that person’s best interest to make his/her product appear as alluring as possible. Most people put much more trust in what the testimonials have to say, as opposed to what your ad copy claims. Usually only after someone has read two or three testimonials, will they begin to trust you enough to make the purchase. This is because outside sources have confirmed that your products are great. People feel that if others have had good luck with what you offer, they will too. This makes testimonials essential to include in your ad copy. Without them customers must rely solely on your promise with nothing to back it up. And everyone knows that on the Internet, scams are everywhere.

Once you have touted your product’s benefits and shown how worthwhile they are, you should add extra value to your offer. You need to make your offer extremely lopsided in the customer’s favor. It should appear so good that no one in their right mind would pass it up. If you fail to do this, you will lose numerous sales.

This is a tactic most TV infomercials use. They tell you all about how great their product is, and then they add on a bunch of extras that you get for free with the purchase. They tell you the value of everything you will get is $300.00, but if you order now you get it all for only $19.95. This approach may seem ridiculous, but it works wonders for Internet marketing.

Adding limited time to your offer makes many people buy on the spot as opposed to waiting for another day to make the purchase. Usually if people decide to wait before buying, you will never see them again. This is especially true on the Internet, because there are virtually an infinite number of sites out there- when someone leaves that was not 100% impressed, your site will completely slip their mind. To avoid this, all you need to do is tell people that the great offer displayed is only valid until midnight tonight. While this may not actually be the case, it will work wonders to encourage people to take action.

A solid 100% money back guarantee is essential on the Internet. Most people are weary of buying off a website that is unknown to them. They don’t know what sort of person you are or what to expect. To ease their concerns always include a legitimate money back guarantee on your products. I like to go a step further and explain that if for any reason they are unhappy with the product, they can get a no questions asked refund and keep all the extra bonuses as a gift. This doesn’t cost me a thing because the extras I offer are in the form of digital information. The important thing is for your customers to feel like they can’t go wrong ordering from you.

Near the end of your ad copy you should explain why it would not be in the person’s best interest to decide against ordering your product. Do this by stating what they will miss out on should they choose not to order. Almost everyone is motivated by fear of losing out on something great. You need to make it sound like if they don’t order now they will regret it.

When you are nearing the end of your ad copy you need to give the person instructions on what to do next. This is where ad copy is often the weakest. You cannot allow yourself to do a great job on your sales copy, only to lose orders because you didn’t include proper ordering instructions. You need to clearly tell the prospect what to do next. Don’t leave them wondering what decision they should make. Tell them to order now to gain access to all of the wonderful benefits your product will give them. Any message that prompts immediate action will work nicely. This kind of statement stops doubt from arising in your prospect’s mind.

Follow these simple keys and I guarantee you that you will experience more profits in marketing what you sell. Start now and add these vital aspects to your site’s ad copy.