What MySpace Has to Offer Internet Marketers

While many people have some complaints about the MySpace community, there’s no denying it’s a powerful force in the world of Internet marketing. Regardless of which niche you’re targeting, there are bound to be people on MySpace who want to blog about it and interact with like-minded individuals.

On MySpace, you have to watch your boundaries on who you’re contacting and for what purpose. Tom, the all-around admin guy who is everyone’s first “friend” on the site, can ban your space in an instant if you start spamming the site and its members.

Aside from your individual MySpace pages, which are limited in number, you have the opportunity to join groups and post classified ads on the site. Like many other social networking sites, the key to success on MySpace is to be personable and real.

Some marketers make the mistake of creating dozens of MySpace pages under different email addresses, and then never participate in the socialization of it all. On MySpace, they want to get to know who you are, what you have to say, and then interact with you through comments posted on your page.

MySpace is part of the giant blogosphere, and many of your fellow bloggers take their pages very serious. That means you have to be careful not to blatantly promote your product or domain – do it under the guise of being friendly and helpful and always give something valuable, even if it’s just information, back to the community of bloggers on MySpace.

Aside from the social aspect, MySpace has a Google PageRank of eight, which is pretty high compared to many other sites. So when you create a space within that site, and point to your own domain, you’re helping your site out whenever Googlebots crawl your URL and use their algorithm (including incoming links) to figure out how high your site should rank.

MySpace, like other social networking sites, is part of the web 2.0 evolution of Internet marketing, when you need to reach out to your customers and find them rather than create a static site and hope they find you. Whether or not you buy into web 2.0 ideology, there’s no denying the fact that MySpace gives you access to a huge database of prospective customers.

When you do it properly, a MySpace marketing strategy can generate thousands of hits to your domain, results in just as many opt-ins to your list, and ultimately provide you with the profits you need to comfortably work on developing more streams of passive income.

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