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The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk

A Lazy Millionaire Formula – The Rich Jerk

I’ve come up with a few amazingly braindead easy ways to make MONEY online. And they have worked for me for over 7 years.

You don’t need to know anything technical, you don’t need to know how to make a website, and you don’t need any money to get started. All you need is a 6th grade education and a willingness to follow simple instructions.

I will show you EXACTLY how I make millions. And when I say “exactly”, I mean it.

I’m going to show you some of my current & former websites that have made me millions. Many times I make a site hugely profitable, then sell it to the highest bidder so I can cash out and move on to the next project. I recently sold a website that made me $1.4M in one year. Over $900k in profit, and it didn’t sell anything. I will show you all of the websites that have made me millions of dollars. And I’ll show you the EXACT strategies I used to get them all so profitable. And the best part is that ALL of my websites are 99% automated.

What’s Included in My Program:

·        A FREE money making website.

·        Exact instructions on how to make money from the FREE website I’m going to give you.

·        How to build your own list of email subscribers – and how to send them other offers that earn you money automatically.

·        How I had the # 1 ranking website in Google for 3 years, for terms such as “bad credit”, “bad credit loans”, and more. Over 100 million competitors couldn’t beat me – Even the big lending companies.

·        How to sell products for companies that will pay you big commissions.

·        How to create your own eBay business.

·        EXACT instructions on how to make money from scratch, step by step.

·        A complete list of websites that have made me millions.

·        Free updates and 24 hour support for life.

·        Access to my private members only forum, where over 40,000 other Rich Jerk users will help you out.

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