Easy Affiliate Review Site Software

Review sites are a staple of the affiliate marketer, but most “software” for building affiliate review sites consists basically of just a set of HTML templates that you edit and throw onto your site. That’s not what we are talking about here. You are going to get intelligent software that is optimized for creating both SEO and PPC friendly affiliate review sites.

Creates SEO and PPC Friendly Review Sites

Not only that, but the back end for the software allows you to tailor the information that appears on your pages to the specific niche that you are promoting. Then it will automatically construct a feature comparison page that makes it very easy for a prospect to figure out which of the competing products is right for them. No messy HTML to deal with – it all happens automatically.

Automated Feature Comparison Pages

Even if you are design-challenged, and particularly if you are design-challenged, you are going to find using this software incredibly easy, because all the design decisions have been made for you already. Your main job will be to figure out what goes into the reviews themselves, and to add the important product feature fields for your niche.

No Messing With Complex HTML Templates

Then there is the PPC element. If you want to get great quality scores today you need to tailor your landing pages to the advertisement that brings the prospect to your page. Review Site allows you to add text on-th-fly to your review pages, keyed off an ad ID that is supplied in your landing page query string. You can tailor your on-page message to perfectly match your ad.

Intelligent Landing Pages With Great Quality Scores

I could go on about all the benefits that this software offers, but I have written a comprehensive user manual so that you can see exactly what the software offers before you even download it. Just get across to my site and look for the documentation link at the top of the page.

By the way, the first license for this software is FREE with the purchase of my ebook: “Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly”.

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