How Do I Build a List?

A list is known in Internet marketing circles as a treasure trove. Have you ever heard the phrase, “The gold is in the list?” That catch-phrase came about when marketers realized the power of backend profits and catering to a customer for life, rather than a single sale.

If you ran a brick and mortar store, you’d have many of the same people passing by on their typical route every day – giving you multiple chances to market to them. But on the Internet, unless they find your link or type in your URL, you’ll remain lost in a sea of sites unseen to the average consumer.

A list allows you to capture the contact information of your traffic – whether they purchased from you or not – and market to them until they decide you’re no longer meeting their needs and they make the decision to unsubscribe.

When a customer makes a purchase from you, he or she is automatically in your list of contacts. Whether you’re using ClickBank or another payment processor, you’ll get the details of the sale, allowing you to send messages out to them.

But what about the thousands of visitors you get to your site each month who haven’t made a purchase? They’re not dead leads. They got there once, so you know they were interested in the product. Unfortunately, you don’t have a living salesperson on hand to greet them and convince them to stick around and buy.

What you need to do is prove your worth to non-paying traffic. Set up a landing page with an opt-in box and direct all of your traffic through that page. Whenever the user gets to the screen, they should see an irresistible offer – something of value – for FREE!

There aren’t many people who turn down freebies, and when they enter their name and email address, you’ve just added them to your marketing arsenal. With your list, you can broadcast messages to them in the form of autoresponders and promote products or affiliate items directly within the email.

Sometimes it takes a series of emails to convince a list member to buy. Try offering viral eBooks, online or email courses, or other perks like a free membership to your traffic. Hopefully your offer will be seen as something so mouth-watering, they can’t click out without opting in first! To get started building your list, try a tool like and don’t let another day go by where you miss out on your list-building abilities.

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