The Fastest Route to a Joint Venture Opportunity

As an Internet marketer, it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the scheme of things or a seasoned veteran labeled as a guru in IM circles. One thing remains the same – you need to understand the power of Joint Venture partnerships and work on positioning yourself with the best people dabbling in your niche.

A Joint Venture opportunity can be done in a number of ways. Sometimes one person brings talent while the other brings the technical know-how – such as a ghostwriter and web designer partnering up for a product launch.

Other times, you may find a Joint Venture based on one person offering a special deal to another person’s opt-in list. There’s a great deal of flexibility in JVs, and both parties stand to reap huge financial rewards when the right people join forces.

To get a Joint Venture partner quickly, you need something valuable to offer the other party. Not all JVs are split equally in profits. Sometimes, you have to start your Joint Venture partnerships with a deal where you get a smaller percentage of the profits but you also prove yourself for a better cut of the pie next time.

You never want a potential Joint Venture partner to have any chance (or reason) to turn down your offer. Your approach to the other person should be as compelling as the sales copy on your domain.

Don’t just tell the other person what percentage they’ll get of the sales. Go deeper and appeal to their appetite for success. Tell them what they’ll miss out on if you take this offer to someone else. It might be in the form of profits, but if they know you’re going to be a power player in their niche, it might benefit them to link up with you early on in your success.

If the other person is reluctant to partner with you, then you might try changing your offer to see if it makes a difference. Maybe a larger percentage of the profits or a shorter term on the agreement would entice them to say, “Yes: to your deal.

You always want to try to partner with someone who has something better than you do. Your offer must sill be valuable and worthy to them, but your success builds each time you partner with someone who has had greater success than your own.

Be creative, but not cocky, when approaching a Joint Venture partner with an opportunity. And if they turn you down, don’t be afraid to knock on another door until one opens for you. Once your own success becomes well-known, you’ll have newcomers approaching you for a Joint Venture partnership. Just remember that these people may one day be the formidable teammates who could help you bring in a big payday!

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