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Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked’’ is a product that teaches you the

Strategies that the wealthy online marketers use to make thousands of dollars

every month. It lays out in details the techniques & strategies you will need to

succeed online.

I was quite disappointed at the fact that there is no step by step system on how

To create a product & promote it. Then I read the website & what it promised.

I then realised that the product had delivered what was promised in it, the steps

& techniques the gurus use to make money hand over fist.

It had nothing to do with websites & the products they promote

I have spoken to a few of them & only a few know html or how to do up websites.

These are what they are good at that mediocre marketers don’t pay close attention t

Sales Page Optimisation

Lots of Valuable Content

How to get other people to do the work while they back the profits & Many more

This course won’t make you a millionaire overnight but I promise you it’s a well

Laid out strategy that would put thousands of dollars in your account if you will

Only apply the strategies & techniques found inside

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All the best

Atomic Blogging

Saturday, November 14th, 2009
Atomic Blogging

Atomic Blogging

A Full-Proof Plan to Make $132,645.00 With Just One Blog Spending only 3Hrs/Day!

Here A Glimpse Of What To Expect From My Atomic Blogging 3.0 System:

I earn more than $5,000 every month online just from blogging a few hours a day.  In fact, last year, I generated more then US$132,645.00, using the exact same system I’m sharing with you right now. You don’t even have to do your blogging at home.  You can take your laptop to a cafe.  You can take it on a trip and continue to rake in the money from just about anywhere in the world! All you’ll ever really need is your laptop and an internet connection.


·        Create a blog from scratch during your lunch break, even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to technical stuff

·        Tap into a hot profitable market right from the start so you won’t waste your time on duds.

·        Get your blog on the front page of Google and drive tons of targeted traffic to it without spending a dime.

·        Turn your blog into a virtual ATM machine with not just one but many money generators to ensure constant, snow-balling profits, starting in the next 72 hours!

·        Basically, if you follow my instructions, you’ll be able to build a professional blog that can easily beat those $66,048.43 per year that I made with mine!

Check out this list of some of the things you’ll discover as you unwrap the breakthrough secrets of my Atomic Blogging 3.0 System in the form of a 151 page Tutorial Guide:

·        Chapter 1: 8 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do Instead

·        Chapter 2: The Pro Blogger’s Blueprint

·        Chapter 3:  Finding Hot Profitable Niches For Your Riches

·        Chapter 4: Setup Your Profitable Blog As A Cash Machine!

·        Chapter 5:  Optimizing Your Blog For Peak Performance

·        Chapter 6:  Power Blogging Strategies: Wrap Your Readers Around Your Fingers

·        Chapter 7:  Turn Your Blog Into An ATM Machine  (Show Me The Money, Alvin!)

·        Chapter 8: Turbo Traffic Tricks

·        Chapter 9:  Atomic Blogging 3.0 Plugin: The Ultimate Blogging Power Tool

·        Chapters 10: Advanced Blogging Traffic Tips

·        Chapters 11: The US$132,645.00 Secret Blueprint! (The Unpublished Chapter Finally Exposed!)

·        Chapters 12: Proven Advanced Blogging Tactics (Proven & Tested For 3 Years! – The MUST READ Chapter For Anyone Who Need Tons Of Traffic In A Snap!)

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Instant Payday Formula

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Instant Payday Formula

Instant Payday Formula

The 4-Step Instant Pay Day Formula to Make Huge Money Online

If you’ve been struggling online for any amount of time, then Turn off your phone…Lock the kids away…Do whatever you have to do… But make time to read every word on this page. Because the underdog who cracked the code to instant paydays is now ready to reveal her secrets…

For a long time, I was the only person in the world who truly believed I could succeed… but that was enough to keep me going. After having struggled for months with no direction, it only took me 30 days to produce first $1,000 day with my “Instant Payday Formula”… in fact, I managed to pull in $1,443.49 in a single day… promoting someone else’s product!

The 4-Step Instant Pay Day Formula covers 5 easy to follow modules, each one with 6 step-by-step videos:

Module 1: Market Research Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Here’s the cold, hard truth about market research: Some markets will cough up $1,000 paydays left and right… and others make it almost impossible!

Module 2: Instant Payday Preparation

Preparation is without a doubt the key to success, and it’s never been easier now that I’ve laid it all out for you step-by-step. This step in the process will have your subscriber list growing on autopilot, while you get laser-like insights into the true desires of your target market.

Module 3: Instant Payday Traffic Generation

Once you reach the Module 3 videos, you’ll hear my voice pick up another notch… because generating traffic is downright addictive!

Module 4: Instant Payday Domination

This is where it starts to get just a little crazy. I’m about as non-techie as they come, but I’ve discovered a whole set of unique, untapped resources for generating endless backlinks and distributing my content all over the internet… even if I don’t understand how it all works!

Module 5: Instant Payday Rinse & Repeat

This is where the rubber meets the road. All of the research, list building, traffic generation, and Google domination you’ve done up to this point leads to something magical…

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Affiliate Funnel System

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Affiliate Funnel System

Affiliate Funnel System

Shocking ‘Affiliate Funnel System’ to Make $149,260.62 to Bank in 30 Days

For The First Time Ever… Turn On Little Known “Profit Valves” All Over The Net…And Witness The Limitless Power Of The “Affiliate Funnel System” and that outrageous amount of cash can be yours each and every month once you gain exclusive access to the 7 figure affiliate inner circle…


Turn The Tables On Google And Uncover A Whole New World Of Profit Potential 99% Of Marketers Have No Clue About…

Twisting Just One “Profit Valve” Can Propel You To $100+ Per Day…But That’s Just The Beginning…

Use The “Master Swipe File System” To Enjoy The Holy Grail Of A 7 — Even 8 — Figure Income…

With the amazing ‘Affiliate Funnel System’, I have learned to

·        Uncover true “insider” techniques of underground millionaire affiliates — implement just one of these mini-systems to dramatically boost your income…

·        Find out why bundles of cash are being left on the table (…and how you — once you see the power of the “Affiliate Funnel System” — can claim them for yourself)…

·        Discover the limitless power of “profit funnels” – set up one after another with ease and the amount of money you can make is limitless…

You now have limitless profit potential…the “affiliate funnel” gives you access to the underground millionaire elite. You no longer need to throw money at a campaign and desperately hope you make a sale. You don’t have to do any guesswork, complicated research or back-breaking tasks to zoom to an easy $100+ per day. You’ll no longer wonder how online millions are made, it’s all laid out for you here.

You can discover -

·        The exact, scientific formula to guarantee astonishing conversions and generate six figures per month (…only a handful of marketers are doing this and nobody is teaching this)

·        How to locate countless “valves” all over the internet which — when turned — unleash a steady stream of hungry traffic eager to devour your offer…

·        Discover the untapped potential of dozens of “profit funnels” activated at once (…find out how to set-up one of these babies then duplicate over and over again for maximum profit)

·        True underground methods to dominate not just Adwords but Yahoo, MSN, Social Media Traffic, Email Marketing and Media Buying (…for the first time an exciting untapped world of online wealth awaits you…)

PLUS… The centerpiece:- “The 7 Figure Master Funnel Swipe File” Cut and paste simplicity combined with scientific marketing know-how ensures hordes of profit.

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New Affiliate Marketing Tips

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

New Affiliate Marketing TipsWhat can I say? I’m delighted to finally have my first product approved and listed on Clickbank, at the time of writing this post I was told that it may take up to 24 hours to appear on their listing but I couldn’t wait to announce another great achievement! Go and take a look at it, Just go and visit my page wow! I’m excited, I have been working for a couple months so hard to get some things together to get this product in the Clickbank marketplace and finally I have done it.

Do you think that by joining Affiliate programs and getting your own link to promote you are going to make your living from online marketing? I can tell you that’s absolutely right! But can you do it properly without the knowledge of the New affiliate Marketing Tips? I doubt it, to successfully make your online living you must have the proper techniques and the tools to be able to succeed in your Marketing life online. You need to invest in your marketing efforts in order to succeed online, all the freebies will get you to the basics but then you will be left thinking, WHAT IS NEXT? Do not hesitate when you are stalled and not going anywhere, you should have the same tools that all successful marketers have. New Affiliate Marketing Tips

It contains the most innovative information where you will be learning how to earn income as an Affiliate Marketer, how to enhance and better your Affiliate Marketer skills, how to branch to higher paid products and much more. It contains so much information that for the price and bonuses included, it will be one of the best acquired weapons to add to your Affiliate Marketing arsenal and start making more profits from your marketing career, just like the pros do.

You too can start enjoying the benefits that a lot of the successful marketers do by applying the principles and knowledge contained within this eBook, why should you stay behind eating money dust when you can be the one creating it. It’s amazing how you can increase your profits with the proper methods and knowledge required to achieve your prosperous life.

Start making the profits you deserve with the proper techniques, get the New Affiliate Marketing Tips

The Ultimate Marketing Software : EMarketing Helper (15 tools Suite)

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Introducing: The best tool on the market that will help you start an online business and after that, making it number 1.

“Everybody Wants To Start An Online Business That Will Have 100% Guaranteed Success, Right?”

Introducing the ONLY software on the internet that has all the tools you need to start an online business or maintain your existing one.

“What You Need To Start A Business ?”

Marketing Tools
Unique Content

From : Vlad Muia

Dear friend,

My name is Vlad Muia and I will be honest with you from the start. I am not an online marketer. I am a programmer and I have been developing Internet Marketing and SEO softwares for over 5 years now. Until now I have developed them for others, but about 9 months ago I decided to create my own product.

I am currently learning SEO Marketing with the help of EMarketing Helper. The entire promotion I do for this website is made through my software.

I wanted to develop a software that will contain all tools that a person will need to create their online business. Thus EMarketing Helper was born. I made tons of research on how to make this software perfect and now I think I have finally achieved the desired result.

Let me prove to you that EMarketing Helper can really do all the above things.

In the rows below I will describe every feature of EMarketing Helper in detail.

Products Section

This section contains 2 tools that will help you create your Product. As I wrote above, the first thing you need to start your business is a Product.

1.Brandable Softwares

You can create your product by branding softwares available in EMarketing Helper.Brandable Softwares You will be able to even sell this product if you want. You can edit the following fields: Background Color, Text Color, Your Company Info, Your Website, Description of the Software, Software name and icon. All the changes made can be pre-viewed live. Currently you can select one of the next softwares to brand : Color Picker, FTP Client, Keyword Finder, Google And Alexa Rank checker. More softwares will be available as we are continuously updating EMarketing Helper.

The best thing is that you can brand and use ALL the softwares, giving a great boost to your business.

2.EBook Compiler

If you think that the brandable softwares are not enough for you, you can create your unique EBook in only a few steps.Ebook Compiler The EBook Compiler creates EXE files from any HTMl/TXT/PDF/JPG (+more) file you can think off. You can add multiple documents, or entire web pages to your final EBook. There are lots of EBook Compilers on the market, but none have a registration system integrated in the EBook.

If you want to sell your EBooks you can secure them with a registration system. When you will generate your EBook a Key Generator will also be created. With the help of this you will be able to give Unique Registration Codes to all your customers.

The new EBook is fully customizable : Loading Image, About Image, EBook description, title, author, website + more.

Website Section

After you finished your product you will need a Website in wich you will describe it in detail and also, convince your potential customers to purchase it. The Website Section has all the tools to do that.

3.Create Website

This part of the E-Marketing Helper has all the editing elements that you would need to create your own sales letter. Sales Letter CreatorThis Sales Letter Creator software is different from everything you found on the market, it’s not another sales letter template editor! It gives you all the freedom you need to create a 100% original sales letter without worrying about the design stage or programming . Just fill the blanks , pick the colors you like, add your header and your job is done ! Currently there are 6 templates available, but more will come in the near future.

The main features of Website Creator (Sales Letter Maker) are:
Add Unlimited Youtube Videos
Live Preview
Unlimited bonus items, features and testimonials
Powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor.
Easy to use interface split in 12 steps

When you are done creating your website you can automatically save it to your local hard drive or even upload it directly to your FTP.

4.Page Analysis

With page analysis you can analyze your website and improve Page Analysisthe search engine optimization. After entering the SEO Phrase and your Website name you will be able to start the research and find out the following things about your site:

After studying the received information you will be able to better understand how the website looks for a Search Engine and how you can improve your Search Engine position.

5.Sitemap Generator

This will help you generate the sitemap file necessary for all Search Engines toSitemap Generator better index your web page.

Site maps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found by the search engine.

After generating the sitemap you will be able to upload it directly to your FTP.

6.W3C Test

It’s very easy to validate your web page HTML and CSS using this tool. W3C TestAfter entering your website you will receive detailed information on how to improve your website.

There are 2 validations you can make for your web site.
The first one, the HTML Validator, checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

The second one, the CSS Validator, checks to see if the CSS used in your website is correctly written.

You will find information about any problems your web site can experience.

To use this tool, all you need to do is enter the name of your web site and press start.

Research Section

Now we can really start the online business. We have a product and a website to promote it on, but it’s best to optimize that website, and also, gather affiliates to help us promote the newly created product.

7.Keyword Suggestions

One of the most important things for your website and business is to select the best Keyword Suggestionskeywords for promotion. Some keywords have a great search volume/month but have many competitors. With the help of this tool you will be able to find the appropriate keywords for your business. Here are the details you will learn for each and every keyword :
Price Per Click
Search Volume/Month
Google/Yahoo/MSN/Altavista search results (competitors)

8.Find Affiliates

Most of the times is very hard for one single person to promote an entire business.Find Affiliates With the help of this tool you can find affiliates on a specific Niche. You can gather up to 100 affiliates.

For every affiliate you will receive the next details :
Website Name
Google/Alexa Rank
Email/Phone of the owner
Meta Keywords

You will be able to save the list of emails and use this list in the Email Sender tool to send emails to all affiliates.

9.Analyze backlinks

Backlinks are very important for your website. Analyze BacklinksThey are links pointing from other web sites to your web site. Every search engine has an algorithm that takes in account the backlinks of a web site. The more back links you have, the better for your business.

It’s very easy to make a research to find out how many websites are currently pointing links to your site. All you need to do is enter the number of sites you want to be displayed, and also, your website.

Marketing Section

Marketing a new product can be very difficult, but we provide you with 2 tools that will ease your work. We can’t guarantee that this 2 tools will move you up to be the first in Google, but we assure you that this tools are very powerful.

10.Website Submitter

Submitting your website to search engines is vital for the success of your business.Website Submitter The best part is that the submission is done automatically.

This tool helps you submit your website to over 50 Search Engines including : Google, WhatUSeek, Excite …

We do not say it submits your web site to thousands of directories, because we would not be honest with you. What we can tell you for sure is that it will submit your site guaranteed to every search engine listed in EMarketing Helper.

In the near future we will be adding more Search Engines and Directories.

11.Email Sender

This is a very powerful tool that sends email’s to any amount of email accounts. Email Sender

If you use this wisely it will give a great boost to your business. You also have 2 great important features incorporated in this tool :
Import Contacts from Outlook/YahooMail/Gmail
Import Emails from your Inbox. You can important tons of emails from your own Inbox.

Content Section

Unique content is vital to any search engine. We give you 3 tools to help you : Create Articles (Content), Detect how much of the article is original (With Plagiarism Detector), and after that, if you want, Translate the articles in over 40 languages.

12.Article Creator

With the help of this tool you will be able to create articles on any subject youArticle Creator want with ease. Article Creator gathers sentences from Google/Msn/Our Database so you can create the best article you want. Why hire Ghost Writers when you can create your own articles ?
The Spell Check feature (With Word Suggestions) is also available in Article Creator so you can be sure that the articles created are grammatically correct.
You can enter an unlimited number of Subtopics so that the article created by you will be complex.

Features of Article Creator:
up to 25 pre-defined subtopics
view source article of any sentence
up to 25 sentences/subtopic
spell check
4 Search Types : Google/Msn/Our DB
unlimited custom subtopics

13.Plagiarism Detector

Search Engines are very strict about the content used in a website. Plagiarism DetectorIf the content is plagiarized your Page Rank will decade.
To prevent this from happening we over you the best tool to analyze the originality of the article. Just select the article you want and you will see how much of it is original


If you want to write articles in different languages this tool will give you the start in Translatortranslating them.

We can’t guarantee that the article is 100% correct but we are sure it’s the best start. You can very easily correct all mistakes and publish your article in any language you want.

Currently the Translator supports over 40 languages. The Translator uses Google Translate API to translate the articles.

15.Content Spinner

With the help of this tool you can easily turn any content you have into Content Spinnera brand new original article with this simple to use push button software!

Like every other feature from EMarketing Helper this is also very easy to use. Just enter your article and “Spin” it. In a second you will have a new original article.

You can also use the Content Spinner as a Synonyms Dictionary. It contains over 1 million synonyms for almost very English word.

“What? 15 Tools in one single software? What’s The Catch?”

There is no catch my friend. You can get all the tools from above in to one single Suite called EMarketing Helper.It’s extremly easy to use and it costs only 97$.

More softwares and tools will be available in EMarketing Helper in the future. We really take count of your suggestions! If you have ideas of tools that can be helpful to an online marketer, let us know and we will add it. 3 of the tools currently available in the suite were added upon suggestions from our customers: Content Spinner, Email Importer, Article Creato.

Purchase EMarketing Helper Right Now And Receive Your Full Registration Details Instantly.

You Have No Risks With EMarketing Helper. I Offer You a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If You Won’t Like Something In The Software Or You Are Simply Don’t Get The Best Results, Just Email Me And I Will Give You A Total Refund. No Questions Asked, No Hard Fealings.

You Should Act Fast, This Is An Unique And Limited Offer.
If you take a quick look over other products from the internet and count their prices you will see that the sum you would have to pay for all the tools from EMarketing Helper is about 490$ .

Price: 97$

Buy Now

Internet Security Note : The Secure Order Form From The Purchase Page Will Look Like This One:
Secure Page

If I Haven’t Convinced You Yet That EMarketing Helper Is Really Worth Every Dollar, Than I Am Sure That The 15 Day Free Full Trial Will Do Just That.

Download The Trial Version By Clicking The Below Button.

Download Now

To your success,

Vlad Muia

Easy Affiliate Review Site Software

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Review sites are a staple of the affiliate marketer, but most “software” for building affiliate review sites consists basically of just a set of HTML templates that you edit and throw onto your site. That’s not what we are talking about here. You are going to get intelligent software that is optimized for creating both SEO and PPC friendly affiliate review sites.

Creates SEO and PPC Friendly Review Sites

Not only that, but the back end for the software allows you to tailor the information that appears on your pages to the specific niche that you are promoting. Then it will automatically construct a feature comparison page that makes it very easy for a prospect to figure out which of the competing products is right for them. No messy HTML to deal with – it all happens automatically.

Automated Feature Comparison Pages

Even if you are design-challenged, and particularly if you are design-challenged, you are going to find using this software incredibly easy, because all the design decisions have been made for you already. Your main job will be to figure out what goes into the reviews themselves, and to add the important product feature fields for your niche.

No Messing With Complex HTML Templates

Then there is the PPC element. If you want to get great quality scores today you need to tailor your landing pages to the advertisement that brings the prospect to your page. Review Site allows you to add text on-th-fly to your review pages, keyed off an ad ID that is supplied in your landing page query string. You can tailor your on-page message to perfectly match your ad.

Intelligent Landing Pages With Great Quality Scores

I could go on about all the benefits that this software offers, but I have written a comprehensive user manual so that you can see exactly what the software offers before you even download it. Just get across to my site and look for the documentation link at the top of the page.

By the way, the first license for this software is FREE with the purchase of my ebook: “Launch Your Own Affiliate Review Site Monopoly”.

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Secret Affiliate Weapon

Monday, June 29th, 2009
Secret Affiliate Weapon

Secret Affiliate Weapon

How To Flood Your Bank Account With Unlimited Cash Automatically

I’ve Dramatically Improved My Affiliate Income By More Than $2,000 Per Month!

When it comes to making money online, you are the prince…I “dub” thee, Sir Ewen!

I’ve gotta hand it to ya dude, you know your stuff, especially affiliate marketing, better than anyone else I’ve ever studied online! The way you analyze, and literally set up an entire goal just for one affiliate promotion blows my mind…

When you won the contest for being the top affiliate in selling over $54,835 of Joe Vitale’s product as a “Nitro Affiliate”… The report you made afterwards showing HOW you did it completely changed the way I promote affiliate products online…No joke!

SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON: How To Create Avalanches Of Instant Cash With Affiliate Marketing Automatically!

You see, for the first time ever, I’ve put together a powerful secret weapon for affiliate marketers like yourself to profit fully from…So that you can learn directly from the world’s top affiliate marketer. And before you think this is some kind of mumbo jumbo stuff that won’t work – it’s not. It’s entirely based on real-life proven tactics that delivers results – I guarantee it. The cool thing is, you can now have all these secret tactics delivered to you in real-time with the:

SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON” PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP…Packed With TONS Of Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Tricks And Much Much More!

·        Yes, you’ll get yourself a complete premium membership into this secret affiliate weapon packed with controversial and  insider affiliate marketing secrets not found elsewhere.

·        This weapon will *literally explode* your affiliate income like nothing has before, as I reveal all my methods to you in real-time as they happen…including which profitable affiliate programs you should promote for maximum results.

·        It’s like having your own personal ‘affiliate radar’ zooming right into proven cash-cows which you wouldn’t have been able to spot on your own otherwise.

·        You’ll learn about affiliate programs and JV offers I’ve personally tested and verified to be top sellers and most importantly…

·        High quality products which you’ll be proud to promote time and time again (I’m sure you’ll agree that credibility is far more important than any one shot commission).

·        Plus I’ll be sharing some of my own affiliate marketing special tips with you (trust me when I say these will forever change the way you promote affiliate programs after you know them).

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How To Build and Profit From Your Email List

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Internet marketer and entrepreneur, Ben Brooks is the brains behind How to Profit from your List. Using this guide, you can unlock the earning potential of list building and make money from home using these amazing techniques.

So what is list building? Well, a list is the email mailing lists that most money makers use to generate sales. These lists are the bread and butter for any online business and the true earning potential for an online business lies with the number of contacts and the quality of the promotion to these lists.

Ben Brooks knows this all too well and has created a great guide to show you how best to make a list, fill it with email addresses and write hypnotic, top performing email broadcasts that convert sales at an amazing rates.

This 6 ebook series is available at a low cost for a limited time, and also comes with 6 bonus ebooks and best of all, its backed by a full no quibble 60 day money back guarantee! So try it now and see just how profitable a list can be.

Our initial tests with this guide have helped us triple the daily number of subscribers to our list and made the clickthrough and sales of our products go up by nearly 100%!

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The Rich Jerk

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk

A Lazy Millionaire Formula – The Rich Jerk

I’ve come up with a few amazingly braindead easy ways to make MONEY online. And they have worked for me for over 7 years.

You don’t need to know anything technical, you don’t need to know how to make a website, and you don’t need any money to get started. All you need is a 6th grade education and a willingness to follow simple instructions.

I will show you EXACTLY how I make millions. And when I say “exactly”, I mean it.

I’m going to show you some of my current & former websites that have made me millions. Many times I make a site hugely profitable, then sell it to the highest bidder so I can cash out and move on to the next project. I recently sold a website that made me $1.4M in one year. Over $900k in profit, and it didn’t sell anything. I will show you all of the websites that have made me millions of dollars. And I’ll show you the EXACT strategies I used to get them all so profitable. And the best part is that ALL of my websites are 99% automated.

What’s Included in My Program:

·        A FREE money making website.

·        Exact instructions on how to make money from the FREE website I’m going to give you.

·        How to build your own list of email subscribers – and how to send them other offers that earn you money automatically.

·        How I had the # 1 ranking website in Google for 3 years, for terms such as “bad credit”, “bad credit loans”, and more. Over 100 million competitors couldn’t beat me – Even the big lending companies.

·        How to sell products for companies that will pay you big commissions.

·        How to create your own eBay business.

·        EXACT instructions on how to make money from scratch, step by step.

·        A complete list of websites that have made me millions.

·        Free updates and 24 hour support for life.

·        Access to my private members only forum, where over 40,000 other Rich Jerk users will help you out.

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