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What You Need to Know About Google PageRank

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Google is the mainstay of search engine use among online consumers. So it pays to understand how their algorithm works to either put your site at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or bury it at the bottom.

Google PageRank goes from zero to ten – and there are very few sites with a perfect score among the billions of web pages on the ‘net. When you first submit your site, it will start off with a zero PageRank, and hopefully grow as you optimize the site for Google and other search engines.

PageRank is a secrets formula Google uses to rank your site for its users. The best sites, in Google’s eyes, will have a top 10 position on page one of the SERPs. Other sites will fall in line by order of importance based on what Google deems relevant.

There are a few things we do know about Google’s algorithm. First, it includes incoming links to your site. But not just any links. When you can get other high-ranking domains that are within your industry (according to similar keywords) to point to your domain, it tells Google that the other site is giving you a nod of acceptance.

We also know that Google does some obscure things with its algorithm. For instance, when you registered your domain, did you do it for more than a year? You should have, because Google gives better rankings to sites who register for three or more years, showing they’re serious about creating a home on the ‘net of value to others.

Other factors also affect your PageRank. If Googlebots stop by for a visit and your host’s server went down, then it’s factored into the equation until the next crawl. They also look to see if your links work properly, if navigation is easy, and if the site is designed properly for function, not aesthetics.

Don’t make the common mistake of launching hundreds of sites just for the sake of pointing at one other domain, either. Google prefers organic link building to massive incoming links recognized all at once. They’re on the hunt to sniff out falsities like this, so be careful or you’ll inadvertently get your site send to the Google Sandbox.

If you aren’t sure what your domain’s PageRank is right now, download the Google toolbar at and when your site loads, you should see the PageRank button with a bar that tells you how high your site has risen. If you’re under a six, then it’s time to get to work implementing strategies Google finds appealing and watch your ranking catapult to the top.