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Mastering Email Marke Sure Fire Tipsting: 5

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

If you are not yet utilizing the amazing power of email marketing, then this article will prove to be very profitable. Using the tactics revealed in this article will drastically increase your conversion rates and overall Internet profits. You can also transform visitors who would have never bought anything from you into profitable, paying customers. The multiple communications email marketing allows you to have with your prospects is what makes it so effective. Most people need to be exposed to you between 3 and 7 times before trusting you enough to make a purchase. Email gives you this opportunity. Let’s get into exactly what will make your email marketing campaign a huge success.

1. Provide great content in your messages. This is absolutely essential. People sign up for your mailing list to get something of value. They expect to read something useful. If you fail to give them what they want they will not be happy with your service. You need to provide your list with informative, helpful emails that will make them look forward to hearing from you. This is the key: to make people anticipate your messages and read them fully. The best way to achieve this is to give them something they have a desire for. In this case they may have a desire for quality information. Give what they are after and they will love you for it. This is a good position to be in to make a sale.

2. Personalize the subject line of the email. This is very important. Research has revealed that you will get a 64% better conversion rate using personalized subject lines as opposed to non-personalized ones. People respond favorably when they see their name on the subject line of the email you send them. It makes your relationship with them more personal. They feel like they are corresponding with an actual person and not a machine. Build a relationship with your mailing list. This is key in gaining trust.

Use their name in the body of your messages as well. This will help increase the personalized feel of your emails even further. A good autoresponder program will personalize emails for you using your readers first names in the appropriate areas. I recommend Aweber; they are very reliable and the most popular.

3. Make sure the email address you send your messages from is recognizable to your readers. If someone doesn’t recognize the email address of where the message is from they are much less likely to open and read it. This puts you at a serious disadvantage.

4. Make the subject line as enticing as possible. The emails subject line acts as a headline. Great headlines capture people’s attention and make them want to continue reading. This is what your subject line should do. Here are some great starters for subject lines: Andrew, 7 reasons you shouldn’t or Andrew, are you falling victim to this trap? Notice that both of these subject lines arouse curiosity. This will make people want to open your message and check it out. You need to have great subject lines for all of your messages if you want to be successful at email marketing. Strive to increase the percentage of people who open your messages by creating an enticing subject line. You can’t market to those who don’t look at what you send them.