Site Flippers Vault Makes me $995 in Just 2 Hours!

11 PM Everything Normal

11:35 PMSell the car site” pops into my head

12:52 AM Car Site Is Listed On Flippa

2:54 AM Site is Sold for $995 Via BIN

Site Flippers Vault Proves it can get results.


  • First sells for $9995, an amazing 20 months earnings

  • Now cars-to-charity sell with BIN for $995, 16 Months Earnings

My name is Dave Markel and I have been up all night. The headline above is completely true. Every word of it. I was almost ready for bed when the idea to sell my car site literally popped into my head.

Right now it is 5:45 am and I haven’t slept at all. I have just received the money from selling a site that 5.5 hours ago wasn’t even for sale.

I am completely blown away.

Here are my results I had just 2.5 months ago with another site I was selling. Here is a screenshot from that transaction.

The techniques I used to sell both of these sites I learned using the information within this membership site.

If you haven’t signed up and got your membership to Site Flippers Vault you are leaving buckets of money on the table.

It has proven to be able to help anyone sell their websites for far more then what the average sites go for.

I have Proven It. 2 Sites, 2 Amazing Stories

What is Site Flippers Vault all about?

In the last several months DMarze (the creator, previous owner, and fellow Warrior) contacted a lot of successful flippers and did interviews with them. They revealed to him what they were doing, what kind of sites they build, what tools and resources they use.

They revealed to him their most guarded secrets like:


  • How they pick market and select the best niches and know in advance that sites in these niches will sell… sell quick?
  • How they build their websites spend only few hours per site? Many of them do it part time only 5-10 hours per week.
  • What tools they use?
  • Where they get unique and quality content for their sites almost for free.
  • Advanced secrets and tactics they use all the time turning few hours of time into serious cash.
  • Where to buy blogs and sites, make small improvement, then sell them for 300% – 1000% more than they paid for.
  • And much more…

Take a look and see for yourself

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