Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys

A True Life-changing Story of a Paid Survey Mom

If you would like to know how you to can take advantage of this and possibly make $3500+* per month, this is going to be the most important website you will ever stumble upon. Each day I help these companies to make millions. I’m not a marketing whiz or an ex sales executive. Actually to be honest I know absolutely nothing about business.

But what I do know about is what I like. The products I buy. And guess what: That’s the exact info large companies are willing to pay a premium for. If they don’t know what their average customers needs and wants, they won’t have a business come the next season. So how do they remedy this? Quite simply they pay millions of dollars each month, to normal average people. In return these normal average people just jot down their opinions, and answer questions.

What You Need to Do?

Taking a simple, easy online survey – $5 to $75 per survey!


Participating in an online focus group – $50 to $150 per hour!


Trying out new products, everything from shoes to stereos – Keeping the products and getting paid!


Previewing Movie Trailers Online – Then answer a yes/no questionaire (did I like it) for $12 to $35

How to Do?

1.  Login and see what’s available

2. Find something which pays a good amount, i.e above $20

3. Select one I like the look of, and click “add to list”

4. Complete this survey, or preview the trailer etc then make sure the amount is added to my account balance.

Is it really tough to answer? Can I see any sample question?

These surveys involve questions like: How many times per month do you shop for groceries?

I personally do this online. I know people who have the surveys mailed to them. But I myself can logon to the internet, sign in to my account and complete a survey within 5 minutes.

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